We've been serving Humboldt County since 1912 here in Eureka and are still a family owned business.  
 Do business with the people you know and will see in your day to day living in Humboldt.  When you support them, they invest their paycheck locally.  
 We continuously improve our properties making for a better customer experience and that helps employ local building contractors and workers.
   We also make a huge investment in our staff, tools, and equipment to maintain your vehicles after your purchase.
Help after the sale. Cars are more complex than ever and your salesperson is on call to help you with questions whenever they arise. 

We have a large inventory with two off-site storage lots.  The more vehicles we sell, the more inventory we can carry for you to choose from.
  There's no volume discount for cars.  A dealer that buys a truckload pays the same per car as a dealer that buys a trainload.  Savings comes from a dealer's ability or willingness to discount the vehicle.  Harper Motors has been in business for over 100 years.  Our business and property is paid for, putting us in the perfect position to pass on the discount you deserve.

Taxes for community maintenance and development.  Our property tax, business property tax and licensing and permitting fees all help fund local city maintenance projects.  And did you know that 1% of the base sales tax on a vehicle purchase stays locally where it was bought. That's $350 based on a $35,000 sale price, which was roughly the national average for a new vehicle in 2017.  Over 4000 cars were purchased by residents of Humboldt County last year.  That's a potential of over $1.4 million generated by local car sales for our community.