Test-drive a Ford vehicle, get a donation for your high school.

Fund-raising has never been easier. 

It's no secret that school budgets are tight, often leaving various programs underfunded. In an effort to devise a creative, low-pressure fund-raising opportunity, Ford launched the Drive 4 UR School test-drive program in 2007. Ford offers a $20 donation for each valid test-drive, up to $6,000 total*, which can be used for sports, booster clubs, music programs and the many other miscellaneous expenses associated with running a school.

 Here in Humboldt County we have done this event since 2011 and have raised over $10,000 for our local high schools.  This is a free to you fundraiser put on by our dealership.  All you need to do as a school is get people to the dealership on the event day to drive the cars.  Our test drive is a short lap around the dealership property and requires no sales person.  There are no pushy sales tactics or hidden agendas here.  The schools get money from Ford and the brand gets exposure to people who may not have considered buying a Ford previously. 

Where does the event happen?

Drive 4UR School will be held at Harper Motors on Saturday, November 16th from 9am-2pm.

How much money can we raise?

Schools will earn $20 per household for each valid test-drive at the event with a maximum donation of $6,000 total for the event.

Who can drive?

Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver's license can participate. This person does not have to be an organization member in order to qualify.

Pre-register now.  https://d4ur.com/Q4XMJ